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Grillz: Wearing The Bling With A Smile

It is always a good thing to be able to accessorize to make yourself look fashionable and stylish, expressing how you want to bear the look of beauty.

Jewelry is one of the most popular forms of accessory that women or men alike wear in any form that they find comfortable of wearing, from a set of earing, necklaces, bracelets, rings and many more that even include the use of grillz. Grillz, some may call it grills, are types of jewelry that are specifically made for the teeth or worn on the teeth that adds beauty to the appearance and smile of the person.

Grillz are either made of gold or silver, and can also be encrusted with precious metals or stone, that may be worn permanently or as detachable.

And yes, there are benefits in wearing grillz, and for one it improves your appearance and smile because of its shiny and attractive look on them. Since grillz covers the enamel. of the teeth, it adds protection to it from the constant wear and stress derived from exposure to surgery and eating hard food. When you eat, residues of the food remains on your teeth, mouth, and tongue, and with grillz on it will be easier to clean your teeth and maintaining it is as well quick.

Perhaps you also would like to know the types of grillz that you can choose to wear according to your preference of fashion and personality, from a permanent grillz, instant, and custom grillz. The permanent grillz, which is the most expensive one and that is popularly worn by the coolest and hippest rappers, is the kind where it is worn permanently on your teeth and can only be removed by visiting a grillz shop.

Instant grillz, on the other hand, is the most commonly mass produced, casual kind but still have the bling and dazzle all the same, and these types are molded from your teeth form and can be removed anytime. The custom grillz is a combination the permanent and instant grillz, it is molded permanently and made based on how you want it, yet the process is longer hence your wait time to wear it is also long.

Grillz are good investments, especially if you go for the permanent one with diamonds, nonetheless, get proper consultation first from your dentist before deciding to wear one and make the best choice that will bring the most fashionable bling and style you always wanted.

In anything that you aim for even if it’s just for fashion always be practical on your choices and be confident content with what you have

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