A Simple Plan: Registrations

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Role Played by Trademark Registration

Trademarks can be in the form of a term, letter, an expression or sign that is used to identify the source of the goods and services from a specific producer or manufacturer for the purpose of recognition and indication of the source of the product.

When trademark registration is done, it helps to ensure that each and every organisation, manufacturer or company does have a unique trademark of their own and to prevent the repetition of a similar trademark that has already been registered.

Trade mark registration is a very significant tool when it comes to any economy in the production of goods and services which is why there must be the existence of rules and regulations which states that every producer must register their trademark in order to ensure there is peaceful running of businesses in the market places.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various ways in which trade mark registrations plays those very important role not only in business but also to the different owners of different businesses. First of all, trade mark registration helps in the promotion of peace in the business society.

When companies, business owners, manufacturers and organisations are prevented or prohibited from using the logo of other different manufactures ,companies, or businesses in the promotion of their products and services and as a result it ensures that every manufacturer just uses their logo, name or phrase for identifications hence fair competition in trade.

Another reason why trademark registration very imperative in any business is that they ensure that the rules and regulations that protect both the manufacturers and the consumers of certain products and services are followed before registering the company.

Some businesses, companies or organisations may be lured into or some of them do it intentionally to alter the quality to the reputation of a distinctive trade mark of a product or service then uses the same logo, design or phrase that the original producer or manufacturer of the same product or service uses in order to spoil the market of the product or service in the market place to make the consumers switch to the products and services of the manufacturer who tempered with the other party’s products which is why trade mark registration is there to prevent such case from happening thus ensuring there is fair trade without any confusions.

Through the services offred by the trademark authorities, it enable companies, business owners and organisations in developing the goodwill of their products and service to helps to also ensure that other parties are prevented from exploiting the brand of the company’s or organisation’s products and services.

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